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Jun 08

Awesome WordPress Mix: Marketing & More

By zealousys

You are a new start-up about to disrupt the market. The operational aspects are sorted out. Funding and team dynamics are shaping up nicely. The launch date is 3 months away. Suddenly, marketing decides to work on a pre-launch campaign. In a mental concussion of ideas, the team is determined yet scattered about the execution.Where do you start? Most of us will naturally list out the 3 components that are basic to any online campaign: –

  1. Website
  2. SEO Strategy
  3. Social Media Strategy

In this post, we’ll cover WordPress and its associated plugins which can set up an online marketing infrastructure in no time.

Website? ==> Use WordPress


A basic WordPress installation covers most of the functionality needed for a marketing savvy website. It will set you up in a time efficient way. Configure and boom, we’re 60% ready. For further tweaks: –

Need a blog => You’re ready

Need to set up an interactive page => Bang on with all the Jquery and CSS3 logic

Need to change the appearance => fork the existing themes or create a new one (it’s fast and rapid)

Need  a custom functionality => Check the plugins library OR compose a plugin in PHP

SEO ==> Yoast + Schema


The Yoast SEO plugin by Team Yoast coupled with the Schema plugin is a one place solution for all your technical SEO needs. It takes care of the following: –

  1. Social Media Snippets via Open Graph Metatags
  2. Google Snippets via Schema.org
  3. XML Sitemap (for submission to search engines and relevant directories)
  4. Robots.txt + Robot Meta tags management
  5. keyword Planning + Link Analysis (Inbound + Outbound)
  6. Content Editor

The main USP of Yoast SEO lies with the content editor component. The readability analysis indicators provide great assistance in tweaking the content. This ensures that the content is easy to comprehend.

Social Media Sharing


The WordPress ecosystem offers a barrage of social media plugins (both paid and free). Sharing buttons, sharing automation and content embedding are among a few of the many functionalities available.

Not only this, plugins from premium social media tools such as Buffer, Hootsuite, Co-Schedule etc. are also available.

W3Total Cache


Do you see a lot of suggestions while running your page trough Google Page Insights?  W3Total Cache is one plugin which can fix all those recommended changes: –

  1. Defer render-blocking Javascript
  2. Optimise CSS3 delivery
  3. Minify HTML/CSS/Javascript
  4. Leverage browser caching
  5. Increase server response time by server side caching

This plugin takes care of most of the performance pain points of a website.

The Takeaway

Marketers should always think of a website as a vital part of their marketing effort. It is more than just a website. It is a Marketing architecture.

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