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Augmented Reality: Business Applications


Augmented reality superimposes computer-generated imagery information onto the real world when looked at through a portable device. However, it renewed its focus and attention with the release of products like Google Glass and Smart Phones.

The Opportunity

It is estimated that AR apps will be downloaded annually and will generate revenue of $150 billion by 2020, with AR taking the lion’s share around $120 billion and VR at $30 billion.

arvr-forecast[Courtesy: AR-VR Forecast]

Augmented Reality in Gaming

After the success of Pokemon Go, there is no doubt that the world around Developers in the gaming industries is scrambling to bring out the next big hit AR Game, perhaps another classic such as Pac-Man or Mario bros revamp.

Augmented Reality in Real World

Augmented Reality (AR) is based on layering virtual objects onto the real world. It offers users graphical enhancements to their real, physical environment, rather than creating an entirely new environment.
Following are the four practical uses for AR that may soon pop up in everyday life:

AR in Real Estate

AR provides three-dimensional proposed information which can directly apply on or used in conjunction with 2D information.

Accordingly, it reforms the rooms to the way you exactly wants for your desired purpose.

architecture-1- Augmented reality

Retail: Virtual fitting rooms

Augmented Reality has a great potential in the retail industry. However, applications which provide a virtual fitting dress room can greatly enhance the shopping experience of the consumers on the shop floor.


Check if furniture matches the surroundings (Ikea already did it)

The customer can select different items from the catalog, to see how the finished and assembled piece of furniture will look in their home before they purchase.

Augmented Reality technology makes it possible for the customer to test drive different products in real time.

Augmented-reality-Ikea furniture

GPS Navigation: Mobile apps which work with street signs

Augmented reality offers a platform to receive information quickly and directly, as well as look for solutions based on their current location.

Also, AR browsers track the accurate location that you points in your camera to a landmark automatically.


[Courtesy: Windows Blog]

Service Technician Repair 

Basically, the damage in a constructed site is caused because excavation crews are unaware of existing pipelines. By having a heads up display, you always have blueprints. Also, It alerts the workers to potential dangers where they are digging.

AR browsers help to provide the blueprints overlayed on the construction site right in front of you.

workflow chart for AR technical service

To Wrap Up

The above-mentioned features mean that Augmented Reality technology has a limitless business marketing potential. Also, it has the potential to contribute to our global economy in different fields: Travel, Tourism, Manual Labour, Training, Medicine, and much more.

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