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Jun 25

Assistance from Google for communicating students with teachers

By zealousys

Years back, it was difficult for students to communicate with teachers, though there are different means like computers and cell phones. There was always a restriction for such mediums when it came in the communication between students and teachers. Since better education needs better communication between both the groups, Google has started its venture to make this dream a reality. A proper School Management System that can easily change the way school data is managed and shared.

Google Classroom App has been designed for students to contact their teacher and understand more about a particular project or subject. With this app by your side, you will never miss a project to be submitted or miss what you were taught in the class that particular day. You will always be in touch with your syllabus, classes and projects. This app can be considered as a blessing for student community as a whole. If used the proper way, this app can help students in assisting their studies and equip them for the exams and project submissions.

The Classroom App is a wonderful application that makes use of Docs, Gmail and Drive for the purpose of creating assignments and to track things easier than handling things alone on a manual basis. This product is actually a part of the Apps from Google that are meant for educational purposes alone. Google has actually picked the best features which most of the education apps have been providing. It is expected that this product from Google would become more popular since Google has a line of dedicated users from all round the world.

With the help of this app, communication within a class is possible easily. Thus teachers will be able to make announcements to the whole class, ask the students few questions related to the syllabus and check out the progress each student makes in the real time. The most important thing of all is that it builds up a better relationship between students and teachers.

The positive aspect of this app is that it is free for schools as a whole. Moreover, Google will not be making use of the data that is used in the platform or will add commercials in the Classroom as per the new policy that was announced recently.

This app can bring about a revolution in the world of education, since students will find it as a better aid to study and Teachers as a platform for providing their students better knowledge and announcements related to the curriculum. With this app by their side, students will never even miss the opportunity to forget their projects or daily assignments that can affect their final results.

Google has hence once again proved that it is the best in the world of apps and software. Google has understood the need for such apps in the field of education and this app has all the probabilities of reaching out to the schools all round the world, helping students to make progress in their studies. Communication has been thus given a different meaning by this search engine giant.

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