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Feb 09

Artificial Intelligence & Marketing: Things to Know

By zealousys

Artificial Intelligence focuses on every aspect of marketing to analyze the concept of how publishers, advertisers, and marketers conduct their business and engage with customers.

However, this is just the start, with Machine to Consumer (M2C) interactions. Soon, it will replace the costly human customer service approach completely in the near future.

Google’s voice recognition technology now claims 98% accuracy and Facebook’s DeepFace claims to recognize faces with a 97% success rate.

Artificial Intelligence

What is the role of AI in Marketing?

Figuring out how to get the right message to the right person on the right platform at the right time is not a simple task. In this case, machine learning really starts to shine. AI platforms help to understand things to achieve the business objectives. Moreover, the concept behind AI is hard to grasp and difficult to recognize in daily lives. According to a recent Research Report on the adoption of artificial intelligence,


Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Apart from Science fiction, AI application is virtually becoming an essential tool in marketing. Although, a complete list of AI marketing applications is much broader. Hence, let us focus on some of the most popular uses in marketing today:

  1. Search Engines endorsement
  2. Speech/ Text/ Image Recognition
  3. Chatbots
  4. Ad Targeting
  5. Content Curation and Recommendation
  6. Product recommendation
  7. Predictive Customers service

Why AI matters in Marketing?

When it comes to marketing, AI begins to transit from the conceptual to an initial consumer application.

However, it’s still crucial to have a basic understanding how AI works, and why it matters in marketing.

Artificial intelligence plays a vital role in the brand analysis and consumer interactions. Basically, it allows marketers to understand their customer base through:

Sentiment analysis

Brands are able to automate their analysis with AI which helps in getting the up-to-date opinion of the customers towards the brands. Also, it categorizes the positive or negative attitude towards the brand in a matter of seconds.

Customer service

The use of AI in customer service helps to take care of customers need through an automated phone call or an automated chat system. It collects key information before getting in live touch and then delivers high-quality services to the customer’s requirements.

Advertising optimization

AI serves an important role in the world of advertising optimizing. It improves the performance of a text Pay Per Click (PPC) in a social media platform. For Example, Facebook and Google use AI to track consumer likes and interests, in order to serve them ads that they will find useful.

AI Marketing aspects

As a result, these allow marketers to efficiently use budgets to target a very specific group of consumers.

How AI matters to Marketers?

Since AI has recently begun to realize its potential features, it will soon transform the marketing prospects in the next few years. In fact, it will run and measure the automated campaigns with a better interactive technology. Here are few points which result in AI marketing strategies:-

  • Drastic increase in sales
  • Easier to understand customers trends
  • Understand marketing platforms
  • Integrating customer data
  • On-spot response
  • Also, marketers will not become obsolete

Here’s a step-by-step guide on Facebook explaining how to build chatbots for its Messenger platform using wit.ai API.

Wrapping Up

Although Artificial Intelligence has come a long way from classic science fiction, its increasing development is crucial to future marketing efforts. Since AI is a human creation, its intelligence and responsibility makes ease and enrich lives in a multitude way.


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