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May 21

Are You Gaining Or Losing Money With Your Website?

By zealousys

eCommerce sites are a boon to the business owners and customers since they bridge the demand – supply gap very conveniently. Yet many online businesses seem to be losing money instead of making it. Closely analysed, this can be due to very silly reasons and once fixed can get your business going further again.

Though it is true that many organizations or entrepreneurs fail to understand that they are losing money online initially, when they do it big way they do try and analyze the reasons. Usually it is due to a faulty shopping cart design or hidden costs, which the customer realizes just before he makes a payment. It could be a security issue or a privacy issue too. So it is important to closely watch how your online shop is performing.

If you keep a close watch on your website, you can easily understand if at all it is not performing as expected. Once it is not performing you need to understand the reason behind it. According to some surveys some of the common reasons a website looses you money are:

  • Hidden costs – when customers see additional unexpected costs while they make a payment, they tend to leave the cart
  • Security issues – If the payment gateways are not secure enough, customers lose trust and never come back
  • Privacy issues – If the customer feels that their privacy is being compromised they leave the cart
  • Processing delays – this is one of the most common reasons why customers leave the cart
  • Delivery delays – many customers tend to cancel the order if it takes too long to deliver
  • Complicated security – if there’s too much security, then also customers won’t come back
  • Complicated navigation – if the site is not user friendly they’ll leave it
  • Registration – many customers prefer to shop anonymously and hence leave the cart if they are forced to register
  • Web site crashed – though this seems trivial, this happens to be one of the main reasons you lose your business
  • Quality goods and services – unless you provide quality goods and services you will not get more customers
  • Poor marketing – online marketing is also equally important for web traffic

How to win over online customers?

Now that we know the reasons you are losing money on your website, let us also see how to get it going back to business. Once we ensure that the following matters are taken care of and keep reviewing the same periodically there’s little chance of your website ever going wrong.

  • Be transparent to the customers regarding the price and additional costs like courier charges in the first place itself. Once they know it, they will not get shocked and will continue to shop
  • Security is important. Make sure you invest wisely and aptly on security concerns. Do not take any chance in security matters, be it data or payment
  • Do not sell your customer database or reveal them in public without their consent
  • Make sure you invest in a robust website that can handle large amount of data without crashing
  • While security is important do not overdo it. Keep it optimal
  • Simple and user friendly designs can win over more customers
  • Invest on a good server to avoid processing delays
  • Do not compromise on the quality of the products and services you sell
  • Accurate deliveries can get you happier customers
  • Surprisingly providing a wide range of payment methods can also improve your online business

Once you closely watch your website’s performance you will be in a better position to take corrective actions promptly to save your online business.

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