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Dec 10

Apple Reportedly Acquires The Company Behind Microsoft’s Kinect Sensor

By zealousys


Early in the year, rumors in regards to the pre-acquisition of the Israeli company, Prime Sense by Apple were doing the rounds. Reports sourced from the Israeli newspaper Calcalist state that the company, which is behind the Kinect sensor of Microsoft, has been finally acquired by Apple. The report claims that the announcement will be made within the coming two weeks.

PrimeSense is a leading company in 3D technology and has assisted Microsoft in the past with technical know-how, designs and chips for Xbox 360. Kinect refers to the line of input devices which detect motion and allow users to interact with and control their computers and/or consoles. Xbox 360, Xbox One video game controls and Windows PCs are incorporated with Kinect sensors. PrimeSense provided the range camera technology necessary for building Kinect when it was first being designed.

Microsoft’s decision to build Xbox One without help from PrimeSense led the organization to focus its energy and resources on robotics, retail, healthcare industries beside gaming and living room technology.

The reports which claimed that Apple had acquired PrimeSense earlier this year also went on to state that $280 million was the sum offered to purchase the specialist company in 3D-sensor technology.In 2012, Apple confirmed that it had made an acquisition of another Israeli company known as Anobit, specialists in flash storage for a sum of $400 million. In case the current reports relating to PrimeSense acquisition are accurate, it would be, for Apple, the second purchase of an Israeli component maker.

It isn’t at all unnatural for Apple to show such levels of interest in PrimeSense, given the fact that the 3D-scanning technology designed by the company is being presently used in over 20 million devices around the world. The best part about this technology is that the sensors which are based on it can also be used by embedding them into tablets and Smartphones.

There have been some strong claims of the introduction of an Apple TV which is reportedly planned to be revealed in 2015. The acquisition of Prime Sense by Apple might possibly have a big role to play in the Apple TV if indeed it is set to make an appearance in the coming years. It is not unlike Apple to combine forces which enables them to integrate state of the art technologies into new products. For example, security hardware fir, Authentec was acquired before the release of the iPhone 5S handset which included a fingerprint sensor.

Recent reports however reveal that the deal with PrimeSense has not yet been finalized, contrary to previous claims. PrimeSense is refusing to comment on the matter and while there are strong possibilities of this acquisition getting through, it is not a done deal yet.

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