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Sep 17

Apple iOS 7 With Improvements Brought In The Latest Beta Version Features

By zealousys


The iOS 7 is good for the devices that it is installed till now. You will find the Beta 5 release is available for developers so that they can develop and launch the release in a stable manner. Apple has given its words to launch the iOS 7 in the fall of this year. The last updates were about smoothing out the problems regarding the betterment of performance of the operating system. There is the lock screen in the iOS 7 that is being worked upon. Initially the cues to unlock the screen were confusing and hence it is being changed so that the users are not confused by this screen.

New icons and improved control center

The iOS 7 beta 5 is to be used on devices that are completely dedicated to the software called iOS 7 beta and there are many tweaks and new icons added to make it user friendly and logical. There are new and interesting icons for the different modes like the Airplane mode, Bluetooth, WI-Fi and Cellular. The Control center is there in an improved mode so that the users can disable access to the apps even when they are working with some other apps. This is swipe-able and you can easily use it when you are watching a video or playing a game too.

Meaningful changes in the icons

The designs are more colorful and the icons are there to bring in a better understanding of the options. The icons are not simple blue ones but have been altered so that the user gets to see some changes that are meaningful and easy to work with. The power off slider and the Twitter icon are changed and the icon that shows the user is in a call is also new. There are banner notifications that are good to pull down so that you find out more information.

Color coded boot screen

The Accessibility Menu has got the toggle button to turn it on or off. These are a few things that are new in the icon screen and you will have to identify them properly if you have used iOS 6 previously. There is a change in the boot screen so that the installation is done after detection of color of the device being used. The boot screen is therefore said to be color coded. The idea to get a black boot screen if you are using a black iPhone can be interesting.

There are a few other visual tweaks and fixing of bugs in this new release of the software. The fixes like the problem of not being able to download the contents of the App Store are no more there in this newer version of the iOS. The adding of Voice Memos to different contents when they are restored from the iCloud backup was also another problem that has been worked on. There are weekly changes done to the beta 5 so that the users get a user interface that is more in the level of quality software from Apple.

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