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Apr 29

Android Apps That You Can Wear

By zealousys


Android Apps That You Can Wear

Smart watches are wearable gizmos that act as a watch as well as a smart phone. It looks and functions like a watch while there’s much more to it than just showing time. A smart watch can actually function just like your smart phone. So far only couple of companies has come up with working models of smart watches in the consumer market. While they look too bulky and odd for a watch they let the user access internet and make calls smartly.

The only issues these have is that both come with their own platform which narrows down the possibilities of apps since apps have to be specially developed in the new language supporting a particular smart phone. This brings down the applications of smart watches or wearable smart devices to the few applications developed by the manufacturer.

Android Apps

Android apps have sort of conquered the mobile apps world. Almost all mobile manufacturers have an android phone to win over the consumer mobile market while some of them make only Android phones. With so many Android phones available in the market many of which are quite affordable to common people, Android Apps are the market movers.

High demand for Android Apps has led to increasing

Android application developers coming up with new apps every minute. Many organizations who are trying to go mobile also prefer android apps since they rule the mobile world. In such a situation if the smart phone does not support android it may not possibly win over the mobile market.

Google’s smart watches that support Android Apps

Google has its plans all set to win the wearable smart devices market with their android smart watches. Google knows how important it is to keep the options open for smart phones with android apps since Android apps are already leading the mobile market. Users will be more willing to switch to a smart watch that is android ready so that they can keep using their favorite apps in the smart watch. The developers also need not study a new language to make new apps ready for the smart phone since Google has it with Android. The best part about Google’s smart watches is that they look more slick and stylish as a watch also.

With android getting into the wearable device market, the applications seem very promising in all fields. While more competitors like Samsung and Apple are coming up with their own smart watches, Google’s leverage is android support. Just like android phones have won over the mobile market, it is more likely that they win over the smart phone market also. They will work more like an extension of the android phone most people have.

Voice is the next layer expected to enter the wearable smart devices sector where also Google already has its own advantage in ‘Google Now’. Smart watches that can take voice commands will be the next target to hit the market. With more competitors entering the smart device market, how the device looks also will matter. Like smart phones the next generation will be into wearable smart devices that work much better than smart phones.

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