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Jan 17

Emerging Agribusiness Startups in Africa: 2017

By zealousys

Sawubona Africa!

A lot of startups in the agriculture space have come and gone. Africa has a great potential to enhance farming efficiency and increase food production. In fact, agribusiness startups can give a significant boost to employment as well. In this post, we will feature interesting young start-ups from the agribusiness sector.

The highlight of these startups is technology. The unique ways in which they have incorporated technology to address their business challenges.

Fresh Direct NG


Based in Abuja, Nigeria, Fresh Direct NG grows agricultural produce within shipping containers. The motive behind this idea is, “To grow 15 times more on 10 times less land”. The company aspires to be a market leader in hydroponics and promote eco-friendly agriculture in the continent.

The start-up won over the jury of ‘She Leads Africa Demo Day-2016’. In addition, Angel Adelaja, the founder received a cash prize of N 2,000,000 for the same.

Verdant Agritech 


Mentored by Richard Branson, Verdant Agritech helps farmers to improve food production using mobile phones. The start-up offers:-

  1. Extension for Agriculture support
  2. Market Information
  3. Managerial Support
  4. Financial services

to the rural farmers. Verdant uplifts the rural farmers by bringing the entire agriculture value chain under one roof. The insights enable the farmers to make better decisions. The service is available to the farmers through mobile apps available on Android as well as Apple devices.

TroTro Tractor


Based in Ghana, TroTro Tractor is a GPS enabled mobile platform. It’s like Uber for farm equipment like tractors. The platform enables the farmers to get access to mechanized farming equipment in their vicinity. Farmers can also request, schedule, and prepay for using the equipment.

TroTro plans to use IoT and other technologies to make farming equipment accessible to small farmers.




Launched in Zimbabwe and currently based in South Africa, Zazu is a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers. This helps farmers in finding customers for the extra produce. On the other hand, it offers a one-stop shop for buyers.

Moreover, Zazu provides the buyers and sellers the status of their inventory in transit. Also, It has a proper invoicing and payment solution as well.


Agrodata is a start-up engaged in precision farming practices. The startup markets itself as a link between agricultural research and the farming populace. Precision farming includes defining a Decision Support System (DSS) for optimizing the output/produce while preserving other resources. Currently, the company has a three-fold focus:-

  • Yield improvement ideas
  • New knowledge on farming practices
  • Suitable locations for farming activities

Currently, Agrodata offers a subscription-based information service at their website. In addition to precision farming services, they also own 2 demonstration farms for showcasing their precision farming practices.

The Takeaway

The internet can play a significant role in enhancing agricultural productivity. Furthermore, risk mitigation of crop failure can be dealt with the networking of agriculture researchers and farming populace through mobile. Hence, an amalgamation of Web and Mobile technologies is instrumental for driving the green revolution in the continent.

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