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Jun 13

Africa Basics: Building A Minimum Viable Product

By zealousys

Sawubona Africa!

If you’re planning to build an app for your business, you need to have an “idea” to implement. However, you will also require a “list of critical features” that will allow the app to deploy quickly. For this purpose, companies do some research for the users and market to validate their ideas.

Here comes the concept of “Minimum Viable Product”/ MVP. 

So, what exactly does Minimum Viable Product means?

MVP is more of a concept than process or techniques. Basically, it is a complete product with basic facilities to run the app. In fact, the features are added to the app in phases to avoid spending of money in one go.

For example – Facebook has consistently been assessing, iterating and evolving its product. They never launched Facebook as a complete product because development and improvement keep on going.

Facebook MVP version

[Facebook upgraded version]

What does MVP mean to your business app idea?

In mobile app development, Minimum Viable Product refers to the basic version of an application. Usually, its features focus on the primary release of the app. Consequently, the app’s features are upgraded in the later version.

For small businesses, creating an MVP app is the easiest way to rapid development and avoid marketing mistakes. Also, it is risk-less to build an MVP app.

However, here are a few tips to assist you to create an MVP app:

The app must look and feel finished

An MVP app needs to look and feel finished (i.e.. fully branded and designed with no bugs in its functionality). Though, it will be updated with several features in the upcoming versions. Each and every visible buttons and link must work.

The core functionality of the app must work perfectly

Although it doesn’t need to have the advanced capabilities, the core functions of the app must work professionally and faultlessly.

Features of Photo app

[Photo app with core functionalities]

Launch with manual processes which are not compulsory to be automated

Realistically, it is not possible to get millions of users in a month. You must have a robust and automated customer service platform. However, developing an automated customer service component will lead to more delays. In fact, the smarter way is to launch the app with manual processes in the beginning and add automated functionality later.

Implement changes and addition quickly as per users’ need

After launching the app, you must add and changes features according to the user’s feedback and reviews. You must improve and relaunch the app version as per the users’ requirement.

Twitter features

[Twitter New Added Features]

Owner and stakeholders need to have patience

The MVP app development process is a new and subjective concept. Moreover, it still involves lots of trial and error methods. Hence, you must keep patience for successfully launching the app.


Small businesses/startups, must aim at building an MVP app rather than blowing all the ideas and features in a single launch. This way, you can get some time for analysis, have money left for error correction and flexibility to change while growing.

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