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May 27

Adopt Sencha Touch for Affordable and Quicker Mobile App Development

By zealousys

Adopt Sencha Touch for Affordable and Quicker Mobile App Development

The popularity of Sencha Touch application development has gained popularity during the past few years. The mobile platforms namely Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows have become very popular these years. With the help of Sencha Touch technology, developers have been able to build apps for various mobile platforms with the help of CSS3 and HTML 5. Sencha Touch can be called as the most popular and leading technology used for mobile HTML.

Sencha Touch is an HTML 5 framework meant for the development of mobile applications. It gives the developer the freedom to develop apps that have the same kind of look as well as feel as that of a usual application.

Sencha Touch include UI components like tab bar, buttons, pickers and panels. With the help of Sencha Touch developers can work according to the target devices and the components can be themed accordingly. Moreover, it helps to access the device capabilities such as accelerometer, camera and many others through the PhoneGap frameworks.

Developer of Sencha Touch framework need not know every minute detail about Android, iPhone or Blackberry. But even after this, he will be able to make use of this platform with the help of CSS3 and HTML 5 for the purpose of creation of applications that run perfect with various platforms for mobiles.

With the help of Sencha platform development, the developer does not have to learn the latest coding languages. He also need not write a code thrice. In Sencha Touch, a code has to be written only one time, and it works perfectly well with Blackberry, Android and iOS devices. In the years to come, we will find Sencha Touch extending this support to the latest Windows Phones too.

With Sencha Touch, you will be able to get a whole lot of benefits. With the help of a single code, an app will be able to work on the majority of the smartphones used by the masses. With this platform, you will be able to reduce the effort as well as the time taken for the development of mobile apps. This can in short save a lot of money. Sencha Touch gives developers the freedom to make use of the many features of CSS3 and HTML 5 in the mobile apps.

Sencha Touch is a very flexible platform. Hence it helps the developers to produce apps of high quality. Moreover, it provides the freedom of customization for the features special to smartphones like rotate, tap, swipe, double tap and pinch. The platform is designed for highly developed touch events as well as GUI related controls. Android devices that run on Android OS 2.1 and more, and those devices that run on iOS 3.0 and more are the ones where Sencha Touch works the right and in a perfect manner.

If an entrepreneur or a company that is taking moves for greater development is planning for developing a mobile app that works for all platforms, then the right choice would be to adopt Sencha Platform development. If you are in need of a truly perfect mobile app at a very small time, then choosing Sencha touch technology can give you quicker results. Sencha Touch development is cost effective, flexible and helps to increase the speed of the process of mobile app development. Create powerful apps by choosing Sencha touch app development that is known as one of the best technologies in cross mobile platform app development

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