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6 Know-hows To a Mobile-Ready Business


For the past couple of years, mobile devices have become the new game-changer with more than 2 million apps produced and relayed across iOS and Android stores. Going mobile refers to launching a smartphone app, engaging in mobile marketing or having a mobile-responsive website for your business.

As African economies continue to diversify and develop, innovation is key to successful growth. Mobile learning is emerging as an ideal solution for businesses.

Digital Revolution in Africa

According to a report published by GSMA on Africa’s mobile economy, there were 589 million unique mobile subscribers in Africa by the end of 2016. However, it is estimated to reach 725 million by 2020. Moreover, the number of smartphone connections has reached to 30% by 2016. It is further expected to reach 57% by 2020.

Smartphone users africa

Here are few steps that can help businesses to go mobile:

Follow simple layout in terms of UI/UX

Go mobile features

Mobile is the easiest way to stay online, regardless of the time, day or place. Therefore, it is important to keep the internet layout simple with clean and concise headlines. This helps the users to navigate, scroll and search results easily on small screens.

Content priority

Optimizing the content makes easy for users to find the most relevant content to their needs. The information must be short, valuable and to the point. The most important content is placed at the top of the page with contrast colors and larger fonts. It must provide transactional and action-oriented data along with fast navigation and loading time.

Unique mobile feature

Global smartphone adoption is growing fast due to its unique features. It contains a set of capabilities, services, and applications. Users can maximize their experience by taking advantage of its various functions such as sound, touch, maps, camera, GPS, notepad, etc. Hence, smartphones allow a rich user experience by providing relevant information based on these functionalities.

Special mobile features

Design for thumbs

When designing a mobile application, or website, it is necessary to think about the placement of various commands and buttons to avoid accidental clicks. Since most smartphone users interact web site through a touchscreen, therefore, the colored button and commands should be larger and noticeable.

design for thumb

Manage converts

There must be an opportunity to convert visitors into prospects or customers. Include clear call-to-action options or click-to-call options across the web pages (a brightly colored button, a mini contact form in the sidebar, etc.). Also, create an account access and log-in process quick and easy. The forms for the conversion process must be concise counting necessary fields only.


Digital Wallets Support

Digital wallets like SnapScan and mPesa are gaining wider acceptance throughout the continent. They allow for payment of products and services, whether the user is shopping in a physical store or on a digital device. For instance, smartphone penetration in SA is currently at 40 percent. The omnichannel nature of digital wallets makes it an attractive payment channel.


What does Google Say?

As per a recent announcement by Google [dated November 2016], the search engine giant will maintain a single index of websites and apps, but their algorithms will primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to:-

-Rank pages from that side

-Understand Structured data (Schema.org)

-Show snippets in search results.

The Takeaway

Expanding mobile web in Africa provides an opportunity for businesses to reach customers in new and innovative ways. Be it an engaging social media presence, a well-crafted mobile marketing campaign or a personalized app experience for your business, mobile cannot be ignored.

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