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Nov 26

5 open-source technologies that are powering the Army's battlefield cloud

By zealousys


In present scenario, one thing is growing like anything and that is IT industry. Daily some technologies are coming on the market and making others life peaceful. After the recent launch of cloud software various other fields are also getting advantage of that. This platform has changed the life of many and particularly of military intelligence. A large number of changes can be noticed after the arrival of cloud. As per Army and relevant contractor executives that were working with Distributed Common Ground System in Afghanistan no other technology can be better than cloud. Cloud is the most appropriate technology that can give satisfactory result even in the field of war too and so Army prefers to use it.

What can be obtained through cloud?

There are many things that can be obtained with the better use of cloud as it can be used in war zones. Getting complete access of visual clips along with fast response to all queries is not a big thing with this technology Many other things can also be obtained through cloud and that can be the below ones:

  • It provides unlimited processing power
  • Unlimited power
  • Unimaginable memory that can be used for data management
  • Excellent storage space for keeping more and more datas

5 Open-source technologies:

These 5 technologies can be availed even without paying a single penny as they are available as open-source technology.

  • Hadoop
  • Condor
  • Hadoop Core
  • SolrCloud
  • Accumulo

The popular Hadoop is known as an open source technology of computing system that a wide range of professionals prefers to work with. As they know that this is cloud based technology and all the elements that cloud carry is included in it. It is a version of Google File System and capable to provide reliable analysis of structured and unstructured data.
Accumulo is also an open-source tool that is known for its robustness, retrieval system and for high-performance data storage. This can work up to petabyte level and suitable for DSC.
Condor is also known as an Open-source platform for managing infrastructure. Developers who need high-throughput computing environment prefer to use it. It can also give lots of elasticity.

The popular SolrCloud is known for accessing internet at very fast speed. By using this technology we can get answer of any query within seconds. It is also known as distributed index management quite effective for supporting high speed hunting.

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