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Jul 24

5 irresistible features of ASP.NET vNext

By zealousys

We live in that era of .NET which simplifies all the complexities and serves us with better and improved application packaging and deployment. Moreover, with the introduction of ASP.NET vNext, the entire installation process has been mellowed down.

A close examination at the former .NET applications makes one wonder over the painstaking distribution from the developer’s machine to a server environment which leads to a “yellow screen of death” and in turn, results into a disappointment of sorts. Perhaps, ASP.NET vNext would be the most pleasurable solution to such nagging issues.

Undoubtedly, ASP.NET vNext is an amusing brainchild of Microsoft and it also has some alluring features as under:

  1. It is an open-source by the .NET Foundation
  2. It can run on MONO, MAC and LINUX
  3. It has a Cloud-ready design
  4. It can be delivered via NuGet
  5. It consists of a new real-time compiler called Roslyn

ASP.NET vNext will definitely change the tedious download activities and take them to an altogether different level. With the amalgamation of web frameworks, the segregated project types for Web Pages, MVC, and Web API, have been flowed into one framework called MVC 6. As a result, it will smoothen up the project maintenance, development, and deployment moving ahead.

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