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Jun 01

3 Steps To Personalize Your Website's UX

By zealousys

Many businesses adopt sales and marketing strategies to reflect a more personalized approach to customer services. This is so because, personalized products are a best-proven way to boost sales. It offers brands the potential to deliver products/services according to the customers’ needs and tastes. Also, it has the potential to enhance customer loyalty.

However, there are three C’s to personalize your online consumer experience in the best way:

3 C’s of personalization

Nowadays, offering a personalized online customer experience is quickly becoming a necessity for your business. But, the most important challenge is : “dealing with customer data“. Although the data is readily available,  it is often jumbled within different marketing technologies and strategies in an organization.

In fact, you must implement a strategy plan to understand your customers so that they can get more user experience from your site.

Let’s focus on the 3 C’s of personalization:

Customer Profile

You must have a complete description of the potential customers that includes demographic, geographic and psychographic attributes. This builds a holistic picture of the users and predicts their buying decisions for your brand. Also, helps you to make design decisions concerning your service.



Contextual marketing is more relevant and highly engaging. The context determines (where, when and why) the users’ interact with your brand. And most importantly, transact with your brand again. It depends on the fast-changing factors like seasonality, location, timing, etc.



Clarity can increase traffic to your site by delivering clear and relevant data to the customers. You must provide transparent information about what data is collected, how it looks like, and why they’re being served with certain notifications, etc. In addition, you can push them with contents/promotions. As a result, this allows your customers to opt the service and think it fits their needs.

Clarity rating report

Wrapping Up

You can create a valuable user experience for your business through these marketing strategies and product offerings. Furthermore, these aspects build a great relationship with the users, helps you to increase traffic, and keeps the loyalty of your customers.

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