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Feb 04

2014 Tech Predictions for Bigger Games and Smarter Cities

By zealousys


In this techno world, enhancement of new and latest technologies brings about changes. The idea of technology predictions provides start of a new era of communication. Even that era has revolutionized from simply programmed technologies to smart one. 2014 is the year where cities become even smarter and better. Now-a-days both local authorities as well as councils the world has invested in connected infrastructure and social capital with a goal of improved understanding the needs of their citizens.

Now-a-days more cities will experiment and iterate in the year of 2014. Also they will put into practice new technologies to not only create better connected city but also to improve overall environment. This process may include street lights switching on because of residents complaining about lack of light on Twitter.

There are various new opportunities available.
– Games: 2014 is a year of gigantic action blockbusters games. Ubisoft has its own cyberpunk romp Watch Dogs and The Division, online multiplayer strategy shooter. The all-new PS4 has steampunk adventure The Order: 1886 as well as Xbox One comes with Quantum Break, new post-apocalyptic thriller. In this year, you can also achieve media crossover excitement as different barriers between different game consoles as well as set-top boxes crumble.

– Patents: This year going to bring more of after relative lull in the year 2013. The part of Nokia is to be sold to Microsoft which is sharpening its patent portfolio. It has also begun exercising it successfully against HTC. Both Apple as well as Samsung will also be back in the Californian court for the second trial in which each is asserting five patents.

– Wearables: With having a luck and opportunity, this year actually become better for wearable rather than being irritating devices which hassle you in order to take more steps that meet your everyday exercise quota. Mainly, the key problem is crossing the bay between being “Something you wear” and “something you want to be seen wearing”.

– Emerging market smartphones: Now-a-days, the Chinese market for different smartphones has been increasing just like as balloon. In these days and era of age, India is growing too fast where millions of people will be getting their first smartphone in this year. This idea may change full complexion not only of mobile market but also the country itself.

– PCS and Tablets: Sometimes market for PCs and fixed-keyboard notebooks will be flat at the best. Microsoft as well as other computer makers has lot staked on convertibles with some detachable keyboards & touchscreen laptops. All the budget tablets market just exploded in the year 2013 that fills void left largely untouched by Google, Apple or other big-brand manufacturers.

– Smart Technologies: Google has launched its all-new Google Glass early in this year which is finally being wearable with some immersive technology. Google makes all their consumers feel even more comfortable with new concept of pervasive image as well as video recording. Also Google has continued to try to intelligently refocus its core search business around social with disquiet from marketers.

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