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May 19

12 Simple Tips to Boost your Android Phone’s Performance

By zealousys

Every other smart phone available in the market seems to be an Android phone now. Android has become synonymous to smart phones. Like any software over a period of time, Android phone users also face performance issues. Let us see some tips to improve your Android Phone’s performance:

  1. Understand your phone and stuff it accordingly. It is important to understand what your phone is capable of doing and how much data it can handle. If used accordingly all Android phones perform fantastically no matter how old they are.
  2. Update periodically. All software need periodic updates that help them perform better. Similarly your device software also needs to be updated regularly to smooth running.
  3. Clean up regularly. It is important to clean up the software and apps installed in your Android Phone. It is best practice to remove all unwanted apps and software from your phone to save storage space. Do not install unwanted software or apps in your mobile. Delete or disable them if not used.
  4. Disable unnecessary apps when not in use. If you have installed background apps like weather updates etc. it is better to disable such apps when not in use. Disabling will not delete these apps from your mobile. You can enable them when required and once used keep it disabled. This can save a lot of battery, cache and internet data if the apps work online.
  5. Keep your apps updated as well. As important it is to update your device software, mobile apps also need to be updated regularly or as and when an upgrade is available. This will keep the apps crisp, perform better and faster. Many a times people complain that their android hangs when they use a particular app. Usually it is because they never update the app. Once the apps are regularly updated your mobile will not hang.
  6. High speed memory cards can boost your mobile’s internal memory.
  7. Avoid too many widgets that always run in the background. Though they are helpful keeping too many widgets active can cost you lot of battery and internet data. It will also affect the performance of other important apps.
  8. Live wallpapers can drain your battery easily.
  9. Do not keep sync on all the time. Syncing is good but if you keep most of your apps to sync every 5 minutes or so it affects the overall performance since syncing takes up a good portion of memory and processing time along with internet data and battery charge. Keep auto-sync off and do a manual sync instead. Or at least sync only the most essential apps like mails.
  10. Animations are fun but they cost your battery charge and performance. Once all your animations are off, your Android phone performs considerably faster.
  11. Use a Task Killer app or Task Manager to kill unnecessary background tasks.
  12. Keep internet data off especially on roaming. On it occasionally to check your mails. Do not use live media while roaming. This can save you battery and roaming charges.

Follow these tips and enjoy a faster and economical Android experience.

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