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Augmented Reality App Development

On Location

AR takes the smartphone experience to the next level. Through visualization, it gives user rich and virtual experience. Simply open the camera and view nearby location spots like Banks, hospitals, hotels, schools, stores etc. with the real time street view on your camera. Isn’t that interesting! Imagine using such methodology for your application and provide the user with a unique and real experience.

Image Recognition

When AR is combined with image recognition; it transforms printed information into attractive digital media. It’s not only limited to recognizing images, but also for displaying useful information to users. We have developed an application to recognize faces, recognize fishes, objects etc. With the evolution of cloud technology, vast opportunities have opened. You can simply imagine a database of millions of faces on a cloud, and with AR we can simply scan the face of a stranger and get details on our finger tips.


Games through Augmented Reality are still evolving, it is the future of gaming. Gaming is totally a different genre and the targeted audiences are also different. With the growth of smartphones, even non-core gamers have started taking out time from their schedules to install and play games in leisure. Video games are still one of the largest industry with limited players. But with the launch of Android, iOS, and other mobile technologies, the market is now flooded with millions of game providers. Building an exciting AR game can also make you a lot of money.

Marker and Markerless

In Marker-based technology, the user has to scan QR codes which are the most common form of marker-based AR. But now, there are other methods like creating custom codes/sticker or tags that user can scan and produce a pre-defined result. In fact, in more advanced marker based Augmented Reality, image and object recognition with or without a custom marker or images is also possible. While on the other hand, markerless AR uses the GPS ability of a Smartphone to locate and interact.

Augmented Reality Marker and Markerless

Feel the App Magic


Point your device camera toward the targeted image or object. Your app will scan the target image and process the image recognition

Our expertise with AR engines

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  • vuforia
  • metaio
Technologies to build your application
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92% of all smartphone and tablet owners play games at least once a week, 45% play daily, and industry estimates predict that, by 2016, one-third of all global mobile gaming revenue will come from tablets alone. Apple’s App Store alone has more than 90,000 game apps, a growth of 1,400% since it went online.

Why choose us?
  • Get customer engage via AR solution, get them glued to your application.
  • AR can also be applied for various marketing and branding activities.
  • If you have AR idea, we have experience using various AR methods and libraries.
  • We help customize your applications to get the most of your existing system.

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