WCF – WPF Development

Formerly known as ‘Avalon’, WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is a graphical subsystem. The primary purpose of WPF is to ease the process of multifunctional application development. An interesting fact about WPF is that it is a consistent model for developing applications and offers a clear-cut distinction between business logic and user interface.

Benefits of WCF/WPF:

– Adaptability to any Screen Resolution
– Data binding
– Interoperability
– Declarative Programming
– Beautiful Graphics Ability

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Why choose Us?
  • Get rich Internet applications with WPF.
  • Integrating WPF functionality into a website for greater interactivity.
  • Support complex game development using WCF/WPF.
  • Get application developed quicker with WCF/WPF.
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