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Jun 22
While delivering mobile applications, we are often requested by our clients to assist them in preparing an EULA or a privacy policy. As a matter of fact, we understand preparing the same can be overwhelming for new entrepreneurs. Therefore, in this post, we'll cover a basic template, which will boost you in no time. Before we start, let us look
Sawubona Africa! Although mobile market is growing at a very fast rate, the usability of mobile websites/applications is still behind desktop websites. In fact, the issue of mobile app usability is a big concern for small businesses. In addition, the users expect a perfectly consistent mobile user experience. Now, What is Mobile App Usabili
Jun 15
What is web page rendering? Rendering is the process where all the resources required to display a page are called, and the entire page layout is displayed in the browser. At times, it may happen that a certain resource may delay the rendering of web pages Scripts that delay Page Rendering Often an HTML document uses external JavaScript librar
Sawubona Africa! If you're planning to build an app for your business, you need to have an "idea" to implement. However, you will also require a "list of critical features" that will allow the app to deploy quickly. For this purpose, companies do some research for the users and market to validate their ideas. Here comes the concept of "Mi
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Jun 22
How to create an EULA for Mobile Apps-
While delivering mobile applications, we are o
Mobile app usability
Sawubona Africa! Although mobile market is